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About the industrial sliding door of simple introduction

by:Chi     2020-05-21
Door plank of door of climbing door plank material: adopt and thicken double color galvanized steel, the high-density polyurethane foam filling material, has the advantages of heat insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation, suitable for large warehouse and workshop door; Industrial promotion door door plank biggest production width can be up to 10 meters. Applicability: according to the design of building structures, enhance vertical door open, smooth hung over the door wall inside, do not take up any indoor space; Give full play to the vertical rise, do not take up the gate on both sides of the advantages, the greatest degree to release the space was; Appearance: double galvanized steel and polyurethane coating, surface embossing design can make the door plank is the same, easy to clean, beautiful and easy, slide up the enterprise image; Noise isolation, low noise, galvanized pulley seat is equipped with adjustable ball bearing and wear-resisting lugs, ensure the mute door opening and closing. Wind resistance: when the width of the door body reaches a certain design has external type reinforcement to ensure its strength. The European standard test, can be instantaneous 10 wind resistance. Air tightness: door at the top, bottom, sides are equipped with high quality rubber sealing strip, also have reliable seal between door plank, ensure the door is not affected by erosion are equipped with sealing strip around, excellent air tightness. Safety device: the falling prevention device, airbags ( Optional) , prevent the door down, or at the bottom of the door and the obstacles to encounter, the door will automatically stop or reverse operation, avoid accidents; Wire rope fracture prevention device, torsional spring fracture safety device. To prevent any form of body hurt people and objects.
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