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About the introduction of industrial doors

by:Chi     2020-05-22
1, industrial doors, industrial shutter door curtain by powder coating, shape beauty, color appearance, compact powder, joint of aluminum alloy surface to reduce friction, scratch, resist rain corrosion, sand and dust are durable. At the same time have a certain wind strength, to ensure the safety in the process of using the hydrodynamic. 2, can use multiple protection structure: some industrial doors manufacturers on the industrial doors security more dependent on external security measures, such as the infrared correlation induction system, automatic alarm, such as additional security implementation, often ignores the body's own security structure design, when the door body really encounter problems during the operation of these additional safety facilities can only play a warning role, but not very good curb the occurrence of danger. And infrared sensor is very sensitive, because the camera exposure in the open air for a long time, easy to accumulate dust, causing infrared induction false positives, a door a body cannot be normally open or closed. Indeed affect the production efficiency and production safety. Industrial doors rolling shaft secondary safety protection design, the structure of the end cover plate automatic lock, blocked rebound device, as well as industrial shutter door curtain secondary upgrade improvement, through the redesign tooth hook, between the curtain and curtain pills combined with more closely, reduce the gap, reduce wear and reduce noise, improve safety. 3, longer service life of industrial doors because of the automatic balancing structure design, and industrial doors make axis always keep a distance of a layer of the slice width, reducing the collision between industrial doors and guideway friction loss and noise, not in use for a long time process caused by friction, Angle more unnecessary lifting force and the normal operation of effective protection of the motor, and extend the service life of the motor to reduce loss. 4, control mode, can use wireless remote control with the launcher, 15 meters within the scope of barrier-free operation easily.
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