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Aluminum alloy shutter

by:Chi     2020-03-21
Compared with ordinary shutter, both in terms of appearance, environmental protection and peace, aluminum alloy shutter has considerable advantages. Aluminum alloy shutter is spraying a variety of colors and patterns in their appearance, more can be coated with AoTuGan wood grain, sand grain, highlight the noble temperament, obvious progress you the level of the unit, make you stand out in many units. Aluminum alloy shutter shade different material and structure design, which can effectively avoid stark light and ultraviolet radiation, sunlight greenhouse effect which produces to the indoor complete processing, suitable for all kinds of climate and weather changes, the indoor environment has a protective effect for a long time, after the experiment indicate the shutter doors and Windows of the sun shade rate can reach 100%, the temperature of the block rate can reach 95% above. Aluminum alloy shutter change noise inherent defects of the traditional rolling door, open or close the process only the sound like wind blowing leaves, open to you a warm feeling. Our book door supplier able to provide you with a complete set of high quality doors. { Note: ( Aluminum alloy doors at the beginning of the design is not in order to seal, only in the shade in the added a quieter strip sealing progress, but there is still no seal. ) Existing aluminum alloy shutter door curtain has two kinds of aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy hollow extruded shape filling polyurethane foaming profiles, JiYaXing shade piece strength, hardness, make the width, the protective performance is superior to fill material, can be selected according to the different demands from customers in the door of the slice profile.
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