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Automatic brake of the main structure

by:Chi     2020-04-15
The main structure of the intelligent automatic gate installed in the entrance to a parking lot, 3 meters distance to control machine. By enclosure, motor, clutch, mechanical transmission parts, railings, electronic control parts, such as integrating magnetic, electrical, mechanical control of electromechanical integration products. Automatic brake main structure: housing: pickling, phosphating, electrostatic spraying powder into the last 295 ℃ high temperature drying room, then through more than two hours of hot melt, such as surface treatment process, in order to obtain excellent weather proof, scrub resistance, resistance to ultraviolet ray, colorfast properties. Integration movement: movement will worm gear reducer, torque, spindle bearing, the main carrier and so on four big integrated into an organic whole. Using 45 # steel after the whole precision casting one-time processing forming by large CNC machining center, greatly reduced the number of internal parts, greatly enhance the overall reliability of equipment and batch quality consistency. In similar products in the process, created a high-quality, low-price way brake machine production. Frequency conversion motor, ndfeb rare-earth permanent magnet synchronous frequency control of motor speed since the coding machine. The speed of the motor can accurately follow the input frequency varies, large variation in speed when the torque is constant. Under the condition of the same power, rotational speed and compare the other commonly used motor starting current impact and volume are the smallest, but the other motor torque is 2 to 3 times, and the captain in electricity time locked-rotor, working current of the motor will not rise. Thus brake rod can be smoothly, can accurate control flood, Or switch off) Time consuming, theoretical accuracy reached 1/1000 of a second, and motor is never going to be damaged under any circumstances, Not including overvoltage usage) 。 Stroke control system: coding positioning system with the above since the coding of variable frequency motor specific institutions, banned the existing mechanical, photoelectric, electromagnetic, etc all travel switch, automatic learning, memory, repair. There would be no any need adjustment, maintenance, and may damage the parts. Moment balance institutions: the unique equilibrium mechanism, only use a spring balance 1 - easily 6 m length of horizontal railings or joint crank arm rail. Electric control unit: the microchip as the core of high reliability, high integration control system. Inside has integrated controller, infrared coding airbag sensor controller, torque sensor, the infrared correlation controller, controller, solid-state motor drive controller, brake machine movement position controller, power supply system, and high frequency. Matching device: pressure waves hit a car prevention device, remote control, infrared detection protection device or to protect device, ID/IC card intelligent parking lot management system configuration.
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