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Automatic induction door structure and installation

by:Chi     2020-04-16
Automatic induction door a lot of more phyletic, here, only in translation type automatic induction door automatic door machine as an example to introduce automatic induction door machine parts: ( 1) Main controller: it is the command center automatic doors, through internal have a large-scale integrated piece of instruction procedure, a corresponding instructions, command the motor or electric lock system work; People at the same time by the host controller by adjusting the parameters of the door leaf open speed, range, etc. ( 2) Inductive probe: be responsible for collecting the external signal, as people's eyes, when moving object into its scope of work, it is a pulse signal to the master controller; ( 3) Power motor: to provide open and close the main power, control the operation of door leaf acceleration and deceleration. ( 4) Door leaf tracks: just as the train tracks, constraints of the door leaf sling wheel system, make it in a particular direction. ( 5) Door leaf sling walk round system: used for hanging door leaf, under dynamic traction drive door leaf run at the same time. ( 6) Synchronous belt ( Some manufacturer use the v belt) : used to transfer the motor power, from the traction door leaf sling wheel system. ( 7) Lower guide system: it is a guide at the bottom of the door leaf and the positioning device, to prevent the occurrence of door before and after swinging door leaf at run time. ( 8) Automatic induction door is equipped with induction door machine, is to control automatic door.
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