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China's garage door three trends

by:Chi     2020-05-30
Nearly 20 years of development, China's remote control garage door industry since the childhood, from scratch, from the cottage production to modern group, nowadays door enterprise's development, presented the following three trends. Trend 1: more brand marketing to occupy more market due to the garage door industry into the threshold is low, the market competition for the brand, brand marketing become an effective way to improve product added value. The technical content of the product itself is not high, to join the competition of enterprises are also quite a few. More enterprises, telescopic doors brand is much, brand competition is fierce. How to provide door enterprise brand awareness is the main problem of door enterprise. Garage door enterprise exists the phenomenon of multiple brands, so that we can open more markets, increase the competitiveness. Trend 2: on the basis of the garage door extension product diversification nowadays, quite a number of garage door production enterprise development to a certain extent, the door of a single product cannot completely meet the needs of enterprise development, many door manufacturing enterprises is no longer only a single door products, and then began to an extension of the telescopic door products began to develop. Trend 1: big most door into large-scale production enterprise in the business for the first time, due to many reasons, investment is not large, money, or on the plant size, are quite limited, and even some enterprises in the beginning is three to five individuals of small workshops or mom-and-pop stores. In many big brands is also by the development and growth of these small workshops mom-and-pop stores, after ten years of development, the collectivization direction development.
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