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Electric garage door function application

by:Chi     2020-04-19
Electric garage door is widely used in our daily life, suitable for business facade, garage or residential, shopping malls and other public venues. Especially it was large and inconvenient installation ground body place convenient and quick open. Garage door automatic shutdown function of setting up A back cover, open the garage door motor, press '+' more than 4 seconds, digital tube display '- ', this time can be set automatically shutdown function. B, then press the '+' or '- 'Can be adjusted automatically closing time. Press the '+' once, the digital tube display plus 1, according to a '- ', and the digital tube display minus 1; '1' for digital tube display, automatic shutdown time is 1 minutes; Is shown as '2', the automatic shutdown time for 2 minutes and so on; Digital tube display as '0', cancel the automatic shutdown function; Press 'set' to confirm, the host to enter standby mode. C, host, the initial automatic shutdown function is invalid. The analysis of the causes of electric shutter garage door open loudly 1. Hinge, track and other fixed screw loose. Check the fixed hinge and guide rail to see if the screw loosening, if there are any loose, use pliers to tighten the 2. Installing a garage door, did not keep in a horizontal position, door plank side near the track, on the other side away from the guide rail, in the process of rising door, door hinge and guide rail between friction increases, thus make the noise. Solution, adjustment on both sides of the guide rail, to ensure the door on the right in the middle of the rails on both sides. 3. Apply grease hinge door side above all, pay special attention to hinge hinge and orbital corresponds to one side, add the lubricating oil inside the hole should be 4. Replace operation in the guide roller, attention must change entirely, roller plastic shed above, damaged, roller wear is one of the important reasons causing door plank tilt, and the service life of roller is the same, this a few bad today, other also not to check the service life of many! But the appearance does not necessarily see come out, the inside of the roller bearing actually already wear is very serious, so must all roller replacement. Recommended not to use iron roller, iron roller often need to add lubricating oil, and iron roller run is a voice, so be sure to use high quality nylon roller, high quality nylon roller high and low temperature resistance, wear resistance, long service life, and low noise! ! ! ! The newly installed inside of the surface of the roller, roller shaft and steel ball also had better add lubricating oil, in order to ensure adequate process runs! 5. Guide rail lubricating 6 inside. Garage door balance system and add lubricant 7 torsional spring connecting parts. Balancing the garage door system, tighten the rope, etc. 8. Replacement hinge wear serious, pay attention to replace the best with their corresponding change, change all the best, because every vendor each of the specifications of the hinge is different, choose the wrong specifications, can lead to install a problem! 9. Other reasons, orbit design is unreasonable, after installing friction is bigger, the door installation this problem such as unscientific garage door hardware accessories above needs to be replaced.
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