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Garage door common problem solutions

by:Chi     2020-04-08
The garage door, window maintenance of household is used more frequently, also easy to be damaged, if can move some brains more at ordinary times, on the use and maintenance of master some green garage door maintenance, can bring convenience to life. 1, self-made elastic damping garage door repair: household garage door of the room maintenance often switch, when the room is on the garage door maintenance, often directly to hit a wall, time is long, garage door lock box on the maintenance and handle easily touch the imprint on metope, walls and garage door damage repair, affect beautiful. Can find a piece of rubber pieces about 5 centimeters thick or nail a piece of thick rubber on small pieces of wood, the nail in the room in the garage door maintenance side depend on one side of the hinge Angle, won't make the garage door maintenance, the window to hit. 2 garage doors, make room maintenance will not be blown open: the room in the home garage door repair if are easy to be blown open or not after rev. Since the opening, neither owe safe, convenient and can find a suitable size of powerful magnets, buried in the garage door frame about above the garage door maintenance high 1/4, again next to the garage door and garage door maintenance box nail a piece of iron on match, after close the garage door maintenance make it absorb each other, can prevent the garage door maintenance was blown away. Kitchen cupboards, wardrobe, the place such as the window can also be adopted to deal with. 3, billiard garage door repair locks prevent astringent: billiard garage door repair locks used long, dry tend to failure, not easy opening and closing. Encounter this situation, can lock the activity after the two sides of the oil drop point or wipe with soap, garage door repair locks on telescopic flexible, open and close freely. 4, to install screen window: iron garage door maintenance, fixed window screening first cut into garage door repair with iron frame is equal to the size of the size, and then on the edge of the four roll plunge into a narrow strip of cloth reinforcement, no burrs, put the Velcro around a crack in the window screen cloth, which will match with Velcro fastened with 'sticky' in iron garage door maintenance ( Window) The sides of the box, finally will wire netting.
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