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Perhaps no such statistics can be obtained in the garage door hardware marketplace. Since different stations that are different may be established by manufacturers in different countries and regions. This should not be a key if you consider whether to perform the business. As a purchaser, you are expected to do research into the local market to figure out the requirement. You might have product idea or design. Then OEM/ODM should be found.

Chi Hardware Corporation Limited is an excellent manufacturer integrating development, design, production, and sales of overhead door safety. We are a well-known brand in this industry in China. According to the material, Chi's products are divided into several categories, and garage door window is one of them. Chi garage door handle lock is made as per the international quality standards. The product is easy to install and use. The advantages of garage door chain hoist are its being simple in structure, low in cost and garage door chain hoist installation. The thickness of the plating is strictly controlled to prevent rust.

Garage door bracket is the only law that we operates. Ask!
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