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Garage door little troubleshooting methods

by:Chi     2020-04-10
How to prolong the service life of garage door - — Maintenance and repair of the garage door Shutter garage door motor, 3 raid torsional spring can not drab corrosion signs; Need to oil in order to prolong the service life of torsional spring. Garage door motor turning 4 raid torsional spring, rail fixed without no looseness, if appear best help repair Po industry staff association. Electric garage door maintenance maintenance engineer for daily maintenance work is, within the scope of the 1st level maintenance or repair object is a device or a computer parts, such as motherboard, power supply, display, etc. , but also including computer software Settings. Maintenance method mainly through simple operation ( For replacement and debugging, etc. ) , to locate the fault parts or equipment, and shall be excluded. In this section, and mainly introduces the related content of notebook level maintenance. If no special instructions, mentioned is refers to the level of maintenance. Level 2 maintenance, not only to determine which parts are, to determine which is the part of a device or component failure, and repair the defective components, in order to be complete maintenance tasks. Level 3 maintenance, also called the line maintenance, Gu Mingsi meaning, is for the circuit board fault maintenance. If as a result no display circuit design or line fault, requires level 3 maintenance personnel to repair. These people are often the system design and development personnel. From the point of the three levels of maintenance content, higher maintenance must contain the low level of maintenance, and the level of service is the basis of the maintenance of all levels. Need to be 3 maintenance computer fault is the few, the most is the secondary repair and maintenance level.
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