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Garage door remote control code

by:Chi     2020-03-28
Don't know the garage door remote control method of code, not clear with garage door remote control? It doesn't matter, this article will tell you. Garage door today is mainly divided into several, remote control, induction, electric, manual and garage door remote control is the remote control garage doors opening and closing device. The current garage door remote control price according to different brands have different prices, online price from 160 yuan to 5800 yuan. Garage door remote control code method: ready to need to match the remote control code, click the button to open the door machine with code ( Motor behind) , open the door machine code with the indicator light is a normally on, hand button click, the red light on the remote control and open the door on the red light bright at the same time, according to the 2 - 4 times ( Different number of different door machine. ) , two red lights bright 2 - at the same time 4 times, and to the success of code. Note: in all the remote control with code is completed, check the door machine code indicating lamp, the state should be put out the lamp. Indicator, such as distribution yards with code is to open the door machine, is likely to match to other remote control and result in automatic door 'automatic door' or 'open' to each other, should press the match code button at this time, make the code matching light is put out. Then open the door machine can begin to use normal. Garage door remote control is mainly on the single chip microcomputer, so the level of the garage door remote control prices are mainly depends on the technical control chip.
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