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Garage door repair and maintenance

by:Chi     2020-03-31
As there are growing concerns about the quality of living space, garage door also assume a more important role and function. From a technical point of view, accept the garage door, water tightness; Air tightness. The wind pressure resistance; Mechanical strength; Heat insulation; Sound insulation; Guard against theft. Shade; Weather resistance. Handle and a series of important functions. Weifang garage door is the enterprise common facilities, suitable for business facade, garage, shopping malls, hospitals, factories or residential and other public places. Especially it was large and inconvenient installation ground body place convenient and quick open. Check the inside of the garage metal orbit. Check the track fixed to the wall mounting bracket. If the bracket is loose, please tighten bolts or screws. The garage door is closed, in the car - Library internal check orbit for sag, bending or flattened. If there is any damage, please use rubber hammer, or with a piece of scrap wood pad with a hammer to these places. If the orbital seriously damaged, you must be replaced. For garage door can abstain some elastic buffer block, because the garage door always medallion that occupy the home, when the room is on the garage door maintenance, often directly hit the wall, the time is long, garage door lock box on the maintenance and handle easily touch the imprint on metope, walls and garage door damage repair, affect beautiful, this time we can abstain some block door block placed under the door hinge on one side of the Angle. Used to repair the found it not easy to open after a period of time, this time can be on both sides of the activities after the lock drop point oil or wipe with soap a few times, garage door repair locks on telescopic flexible, open and close freely. How to make the garage door is not easy to be the wind just open, can find a suitable size of powerful magnets, after close the garage door maintenance make it absorb each other, can prevent the garage door maintenance was blown open.
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