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Garage door use is important to note at four o 'clock

by:Chi     2020-04-14
When many consumers didn't pay attention to the safe for daily use, thought that the security of the garage door is very high, not what will happen in an accident, for safety, small make up to popularize the use of the garage door to everybody's attention four points: 1) After receiving the remote control and the key installation personnel, please demonstrate the remote control and manual key open closed 2) After the installation is complete please installation personnel debugging and running, the door run smoothly over the rear can remote control and key warranty card. 3) Can't see the remote controller to the place of the door operation is prohibited, so as not to cause safety accident or garage door open by mistake. 4) Door is running, it is forbidden to people or objects from beneath the door through, or stay at the bottom of the door.
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