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Hotpot restaurant induction door broken up the conflict

by:Chi     2020-04-21
Yesterday afternoon 1 when 50 points, nanchang old fukuyama JiJiHong hot pot shop customers Kennedy and xu 8 people out of the door, when Kennedy in advance out of the induction door, the door close immediately. After a few seconds, little Xu Dengren went to the door, Kennedy returned, with the palm on the two closed induction door for 5 seconds to loosen your hand, and he opened the door. In small Xu Dengren out of induction door, one glass induction door suddenly whole broken, scattered. Ran out from the second floor attendant says ms yu, because she doesn't know what is the young man put the hand on the door, xu ran out after I pull the customer, ask them back to the store to negotiate, but little in Romania said the door is not broken, he refused to go back to negotiate. When the store of male staff to pull xu, the two sides of a number of researchers due to quarrel happened.
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