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How to maintenance to ensure safety induction door

by:Chi     2020-04-27
Induction door now use is very extensive, but most of the time can hear induction door task of events, the main reason is that neglect, as well as installation of safety equipment, to be sure, the following card from east for you to introduce the content of the safety equipment and maintenance. 1 equipped with back-up power: in order to ensure the power failure automatic door also can work normally, can be equipped with backup power supply. Choice: 2 sensors in upscale hotels, office buildings, can choose high sensitivity of the sensor; The side-walk Banks, shops and other people often pass by, choose the narrow area of the sensor. 3 safety auxiliary devices: in high-grade hotels and other places to put an end to the induction and clamp clamp can choose to install an infrared sensors. If long-term lack of maintenance, resulting in failure of automatic door hidden danger and little not handled in time, will become big fault, from small fault paralysis may eventually lead to automatic doors, wu kuang and automatic induction door after construction requirement of party a in the process of using signs on doors, as far as possible to prevent people don't pay attention to the touch, cause personal injury. Clean the inside of the box oil, dirt check the wear condition of automatic induction door parts, check the automatic doors of a deviation and screw tightness check belt tightness check of the controller output, open close the door width and speed of motor, brake, and so on and so forth check voltage parameters of normal maintenance and replacement of damaged parts owner still need to pay attention to the regular maintenance and maintenance of the automatic door, automatic door due to the effect of installation quality and using environment, will inevitably occur in use process problems.
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