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Industrial door enterprises how to implement the standard production?

by:Chi     2020-05-07
Since entering the new century, our country industry door sales to average annual growth of around 20%, the industry door sales in 2006 reached 72 billion yuan, in Japan, the United States after the third; Industrial door export breached $1 billion. Industrial door manufacturer in China, at about 3 m, employees nearly 1 million people. These suggested that our country industrial door industry has a considerable scale. But, our country now also from overseas imports more than $20 a year of industrial doors, these are mostly not domestic production of high middle-grade door industry. Domestic high-grade industrial door since the match rate accounts for only about 50%; Large, sophisticated, complex, long life and other high technical content of industrial door account for only about 30% of the total industrial door. Industrial door industry in our country overall labor productivity is low, an average of only about 150000 yuan/person; China's industrial door commercialization rate was only 50% ( Developed countries more than 70%) ; Industrial door standard coverage is low, only about 50%; Industrial door production specialization level is low. These suggested that our country's industrial door industry is not strong enough, our country is not industrial powers. With the development of the industry, standardization becomes the main points of the industry's most attention. 'Standard' refers to the size and style of the fixed by mass production of industrial doors, and common on the market at present 'custom'. Standard door with high quality, low price, short delivery cycle. Although it is not new, but not known by many consumers.
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