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Industrial door industry is on the rise in recent years

by:Chi     2020-03-23
The first: industrial door industry is a rapid development, because the influence of the following advantages. First of all, this year's new 'catalogue of industries for guiding foreign investment in China to encourage foreign investment in plastic instead of steel, plastic and wood, and other plastic materials, has brought the good development opportunity for industrial door industry, drive the rapid development of electric telescopic door industry. The second: industrial door industry is on the rise in recent years, increasing investment in infrastructure construction, also provide enormous demand for industrial door industry market. China is the world's largest industrial door market. Our country each year about 2. 1 billion square meters of housing construction project, is equivalent to the sum total of Europe and the United States. Usually in a total construction area of the building, the construction of door and window area accounts for about 25% 30%, that is to say, our country each year about 500 million square meters of the doors and Windows construction mission, is the entire European doors and Windows construction area of more than four times a year. According to the current electric telescopic door market share of the calculation, about every year, about 1. The construction of 7. 5 billion square meters of industrial door task. Third: according to the national eleventh five-year plan, the next five years, our country construction energy conservation to 1. Energy saving a total construction area of more than 0. 1 billion tons of standard coal, 21. An area of 1. 6 billion square meters, building area of 600 million square meters, of which the new existing building 5. 600 million square meters. The future of this part of the industrial art market capacity can reach one hundred million yuan, tens of thousands of door for industry development provides a great space.
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