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Industrial door pivot is not what is the reason

by:Chi     2020-05-04
Industrial door scrolls not turn what are the reasons to ask: industrial doors scroll can turn, why don't slice up? A: tied off or broken, needs to be fixed, the reason is motor running limit. Pretty simple maintenance. Q: electric fire shutter curtain plate fell off from the shaft, how to pack up, I saw a few small curtain plate on the shaft bolted on the scroll? ( Supplement: is using hand is closed when the power, may be let go head, shaft on the smaller curtain plate every ten centimeters long, about five, should be used to connect down shade plate, just don't know how to connect up, the motor is good, now, the door was closed, seek help from experienced professionals, all points to) A: first of all put the scrolls on the wall again on both sides of the fixed plate, the axis of screw off, put a few small slice on the shutter, and then to lift the shutter on a scroll, that a few pieces of small slice with hole and scrolls are screwed up, the shutter, to a certain position with motor debugging motor, debugging ok. Q: industrial doors after drop stop, in a few hours automatically rise again what reason be? A: the program do? And the fire alarm control panel connection, if the connection, control panel made up of instruction? Reference answer: it should be there you switch the control key is loose.
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