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Industrial door spring installation method different promotion way

by:Chi     2020-05-09
Industrial door promotion way is divided into the upper slide, completely vertical and vertical three and a half, the torsional spring installation is as follows. A, sliding way promote industrial door: 1 in the following, the hydrodynamic ( The closed position) : torsional spring one end fixed and the other after the first lap to install the required number of twisting, then push the adjustment of the torsional spring end to the fixed end, and tighten the adjustment screw on the flange. High torsional spring torsion turns = door present line + preloaded 0 wheel circumference. 5 to 1. 2 in the above, the hydrodynamic ( The open position) : the torsional spring a fixed, torsional spring stretched along the adjusting end into 60 to 120 mm, preloaded 0 again. 5 ~ 1 ring, torsional spring adjustment with screw finally end is fixed on the shaft. Torsional spring why spin? Because the door in the process of ascension, the torsional spring diameter become smaller, circle number increase, therefore, stretched spring, there is a certain gap to improve body. Completely vertical industrial door: because of the torsional spring is always under the unity of the weight of the hydrodynamic, only by changing the size of the wheel diameter, the size change torque, to make the torsional spring torsion and door weight balance, so need to install the cone. Completely vertical torsional spring industrial door installation need preloaded. The length of the wire rope must be determined according to the cone line plate, to ensure that the door open to the top, the wire rope on the cone from the circle to the small circle all around. Three and a half, vertical industrial door: need to install a half step pulley to make the torsional spring torsion and door weight balance. The door is vertical with half cone cone part; Sliding door ascends with half cone flat wheel parts. Half of vertical industrial door torsion spring when installation should be preloaded. Of wire rope winding method is: from the first half of the cone around the small circle, the circle and go around, and then continue to around half cone flat wheel, the number of turns on the flat wheel, according to the hydrodynamic sliding part of the hoisting height to determine.
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