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Industrial doors product categories

by:Chi     2020-05-08
Industrial door commonly used facilities for the enterprise, be applicable to the commercial appearance, garage, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines enterprises and so on public place or residence. Especially it was larger and installation for the inconvenience the ground body place convenient and quick open. Product classification of industrial door can be divided into: industrial doors, industrial sliding door, industrial sliding doors, manual/electric sliding door and rapid rolling door, industrial doors production area in 65 - 70 square meters of less than, the wind resistance level 10. Industry is divided into vertical climbing door, standard promotion and high to ascend, and electric sliding door is lateral to switch from the middle to switch two or one direction. What the industrial door open means will depend on your specific situation and the development requirements of the work site analysis, and design of each industrial door has particular characteristics and superiority. Larger accumulation and hangar door, folding door, etc. Below to apply the most common three industrial doors, industrial doors, industrial sliding door and industrial promotion mainly introduce its characteristics.
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