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Install the fire shutter four considerations

by:Chi     2020-05-12
( A) Fire shutter big shaft before installation, first will be loaded on the scroll hangs Taiwan set a direction, the 4 - again 6 pieces of curtain plate to flip chart and tightly rolled on a scroll of sichuan wire fastened. ( B) Scroll after good, it can move around drum position adjustment. At the same time with a spirit level and check off the horizontal tube scroll. After adjust, optic axis and fixed scroll full welding, optical axis and the bearing with a screw fixation. ( C) Hoisting fire shutter big shaft, must pay attention to safety, designated persons command, herringbone ladder, scaffolding, chain blocks should be checked. Installation of the first set of bearing and optical axis hole into scroll end, alignment position after tighten bearing the retaining bolt. ( D) Fire shutter scroll when hoisting pay special attention not to touch the bad roll on the shaft of shade plate, with a rope tied to cushion board. Fire shutter is a kind of suitable for building large holes in fire prevention, insulation facilities, products in the design used the character of the hidden inside the scroll, with a compact structure is reasonable. Fire shutter shade through a transmission device and control system to achieve the shutter. Have fire prevention, fire insulation effect, the product appearance is smooth and beautiful, modelling is novel, have strong rigidity. Fire shutter is widely used in industrial and civil building fire partition area, can effectively stop the fire spreading, to ensure the safety of life and property, is indispensable in modern building fire prevention facilities.
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