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Is there instruction manual for overhead door company ?
Yes, we can offer an instruction manual for overhead door company to every customer. The end-user manual is compiled by our skilled workers who are familiar with every part of the product and can proficiently operate the products as well. On the first page of the manual, there is a quick version of the instructions' catalog which describes every step of the installation in short. In addition, we have clear and detailed pictures exquisitely printed for better understanding of users. English version is commonly used for users now.

Chi Hardware Corporation Limited is a trusted supplier of garage door handle lock. We design, manufacture, and sell quality products to small, medium, and large enterprises. According to the material, Chi's products are divided into several categories, and garage door shaft is one of them. It is concluded that garage door chain hoist has got the features of garage door chain hoist installation. This product seamlessly blends with the door. The weight, price, production date, use by date, ingredients, name of a producer company, usage details on this product provides major convenience to the seller and the consumer. Processed under the CNC machine, the product features high precision.

Under the guidance of the enterprise management philosophy, Chi complied with the development trend of the times. Check now!
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