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2016 R+T Asia Exhibition

2016 R+T Asia Exhibition


2016 R+T Asia Exhibition which is from March 22th-24th,As the leading procurement platform for the window and window shade industry in the Asia-Pacific region, we have been with R+T Asia for 10 years. We have witnessed the development and progress of China's door and window shading industry and garage door industry, and also experienced the industry with many domestic enterprises. Ups and downs. In this process, we are also growing, adapting to market development, upgrading and innovation, maintaining our advantages while actively exploring domestic trade channels.

R+T Asia is a professional exhibition that we need to participate in every year. We have learned a lot from it and we have met many excellent customers. We are very happy to have the opportunity to meet you at the exhibition site, face-to-face communication and communication. Promote the conclusion of the transaction between the two parties.

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