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Automatic Garage Door Materials and Hardware Accessories

Automatic Garage Door Materials and Hardware Accessories

1. Garage Door Guide rail: 1.5mm thick galvanized steel plate is used for one-time forming.

2. Garage Door Side hinge: made of 1.5mm steel plate and treated with blue white galvanizing (degreasing, pickling, phosphating and then galvanizing).
3. Garage Door Roller: the roller is sealed with imported bearing, and the outer layer is made of white nylon die-casting. It has high wear resistance, anti-aging and long service life.

4. Garage Door Spring: it adopts 70# torsional tension, and its surface is electrophoretic and rust proof.

5. Garage Door Sealing strip: sealing strip is set at the lower end of the door leaf and the connection between the track and the wall, which is highly anti-aging, environmental protection, cold resistance, no deformation after long-term use, and can effectively resist the erosion of wind, sand and rain.

6. Other hardware parts are refined from excellent cold-rolled steel plate, hot-dip galvanized or blue white galvanized, and the surface is painted (two coating and two baking).
Door panel material:
1. The garage door panel is a double-layer composite panel, with a total thickness of 40mm and a height of about 500mm. The plate thickness is 0.326mm. The door side is sealed and wrapped with 2.0mm galvanized steel plate, and the appearance is square style.
2. Color steel plate shall be subject to double-sided hot galvanizing treatment first: after continuous hot galvanizing treatment of cold-rolled steel plate, the adhesion of double-sided standard galvanizing is more than 275 / m.
3. The garage door panel is filled with high-density polyurethane foam material. The metal plate is closely combined with polyester foam material, and the insulation layer has no holes to form a whole. The metal plate and insulation layer shall not be separated for more than 10 years. The door can resist wind pressure of 42m / S (Level 12);
4. The surface of the garage door body is pressed with a box, and the surface is pressed with orange peel, which has the effect of relief.

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