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Common Faults and Solutions of Industrial Door

Common Faults and Solutions of Industrial Door


Generally speaking, in the process of using industrial door, there are often problems of one kind or another. If it is not dealt with in time, it will definitely cause losses to the enterprise. However, not all problems require professionals to solve. Let's talk about the the common faults that often occur in the process of using industrial door and how to deal with them.

Industrial door failure reasons and solutions

1. The motor does not move during the use of the industrial door

Reason: Generally, this situation is mostly caused by the short circuit of the industrial door line, the motor burnout, the stop button not being reset, the limit switch action, or the large load.


  • Check the circuit and connect to replace the burned motor;
  • Change the button or press the button repeatedly;
  • Toggle the limit switch slider to make it away from the micro switch contact, and adjust the position of the micro switch;
  • Check whether the mechanical part is blocked, if so, remove the blocking and clear the obstacles.

Industrial Door

2. The industrial door vibrates or makes a lot of noise

Reasons: Mostly, the brake disc of the industrial door is unbalanced or broken, the brake disc is not fastened, or the bearing oil loss fails, the gear meshing is not smooth, the oil loss or serious wear, the motor current sound or vibration.


  • Tighten the brake disc nut;
  • Replace the brake disc or rebalance;
  • Replace the gear and lubricating oil at the output end of the motor shaft;
  • replace bearings;
  • Check the motor and replace the motor if damaged.

3. Industrial door hand zipper does not move

Reason: It is mostly caused by the circular chain of the industrial door blocking the cross groove, the pawl is not released from the ratchet or the chain pressing frame is stuck.


  • Arrange the ring chain smoothly;
  • Adjust the relative position of the pawl and the chain pressing frame or replace the lubricating pin.

Industrial Door



4. Control failure of industrial door

Reasons: Most of the industrial door relay contacts are stuck, the travel microswitch fails or the contact piece is deformed, the set screw of the slider is loose, and the screw of the backing plate is loose, so that the backing plate is displaced, so that the sliding block or nut cannot be rotated with the screw rod. Movement, damage to the stopper drive gear, and stuck up and down buttons.


  • replace the relay;
  • Replace the micro switch or contact piece;
  • Replace the limiter drive gear;
  • replace button;

Industrial Door

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