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Garage door hardware accessories and functions

Garage door hardware accessories and functions

There are many kinds of garage door hardware accessories used in a garage door, different garage door oils have different hardware accessories, common hardware accessories are rollers, hinges, springs (torsion, extension), garage door lubricants (metal or PVC), bottom brackets, Top Brackets, Center Plate Fixing, Plates (Tracks), Handles, Locks, Tracks (Horizontal and Vertical), Track Protectors, Lift Cable Safety Cables, Couplings, Springs, Perforated Corners, Reinforced Struts, Bridge Struts, Chain blocks, push rod springs, C-bumpers, pulley banks, air valves, screws, washers, nuts and bolts, etc.

Hardware accessories introduction:
Edge cover: fixed curved hinges to seal the exposed polyurethane at both ends of the door panel Bottom beam: used for bottom sealing to prevent insects

Rails: Guide for sliding door panels up and down Guards: Fixed rails and seals on both sides

Top wheel frame: used for single-track garage door, adjustable (installed on both sides of the top of the door body) Curved hinge: used for connecting multiple door panels and fixing rollers

Center hinge: used for connecting multiple door panels Roller: used for door panel positioning support and guidance

Installation process:

Track installation, torsion spring installation, door panel installation, torsion spring tension, adjustment, motor installation, wiring, handle installation, lock installation. There are some things to pay attention to in the process of installation and use: when installing, choose a well-balanced door body to install the door opener, and the ends of the horizontal guide rails on both sides of the door body should be equipped with mechanical limit devices to prevent the door body from sliding out; the garage door is in operation. , people or objects should not pass under the door; it is recommended not to operate the remote control of the garage door when the door cannot be opened.

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