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Garage door industry status and trends

Garage door industry status and trends


In 2018, China's garage doors and related industries are facing tremendous development opportunities. At the same time, they are faced with the important task of standardization development and industrial upgrading. For production enterprises, observing and analyzing the current status and trends of the garage door market, there is no doubt or guidance. Learn from the meaning.


The garage door industry is in the strict regulation and supervision of energy-saving regulations and industry standards, from the design and manufacture of profile systems, design, garage door production process, to the configuration and installation of hardware and other auxiliary accessories to ensure the quality of finished products. Handed over to the user.


As China's construction market tends to be saturated, it affects the market demand for garage doors to a certain extent, thus also intensifying competition among garage door enterprises. The market demand for garage doors tends to be personalized, garage door products tend to be diversified and intelligent, and new technologies and products continue to be introduced to the market.


In order to reduce production costs, garage door companies continue to increase their manufacturing automation. At the same time, companies were forced to organize production in accordance with fragmented orders from the market. This puts higher requirements on the internal and external process management of the garage door enterprise.


Garage door system has become the market leading force, garage door hardware propulsion technology innovation and industrial upgrading. In the European garage door market, garage doors of various materials, such as color steel plates, solid wood, aluminum alloy and aluminum-wood composite garage doors, are used in their respective dominant fields. Garage door orders are mainly from residential repairs, new homes, non-residential building repairs and new non-residential buildings. In the European garage door market, orders for garage doors from residential and non-residential buildings are roughly equal, and orders for garage doors from new homes and existing homes are almost as important. In China, with the gradual retreat of large-scale construction, domestic garage door enterprises need to pay attention to the future market structure.


The role and function of the garage door


As people pay more and more attention to the quality of living space, the garage door also bears more important functions and functions. From a technical point of view, the garage door undertakes a series of important functions such as water tightness, tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, weather resistance, and operational feel. At the same time, the garage door represents the human landscape related to the region, is the design element in the hands of the architect, and is also a symbol for the user to display his personality. The garage door is the channel for communication between people and the environment, and creates a private living space.




Door material: one-time extrusion molding conforming to GB2312 aluminum alloy profile


Safety device: anti-theft interlocking device, automatic anti-winding device, network linkage alarm system


Resist the rebound: the door body falls into the resistance rebound control function, the resistance is >5kg, and the response event is <2 seconds.


Installation design: select different curtains (60/77/78/100) according to the site conditions, occupying a small space above


Opening method: manual / remote control / induction / electric, etc.

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