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How many hardware do you need in industrial door assemble

How many hardware do you need in industrial door assemble


Industrial doors have been well applied in many fields and industries, and there are many types, such as industrial rolling doors, industrial sliding doors, industrial sliding doors, industrial side turns, fast rolling doors, soft curtains, and hangars. Doors and so on. However, although there are many types of industrial doors, the overall structure of different industrial doors is similar, so the accessories of different industrial doors are generally identical. So, let's take a look at it in detail:


1. Door panel: Place the bottom sealing strip on the bottom of the industrial door panel, and fix it from the back to the door panel. Place the door panel in a good track and level it. The folding and top wheel brackets are respectively fixed to the left and right positions of the tops of the door panels in sequence, and the door panels are placed in the established rails in order, and the folding panels and the door panels are connected by self-tapping screws to make the door panels Grouped into one.


2. Steel frame: The steel frame of the standard specification is placed on both sides of the hole, and the expansion bolt is fixed to the wall, taking care to avoid the installation position of the rail fixing member.


3. Track: Determine the position of the two rail fixings according to the width and height of the door panel and measure the level with a horizontal tube, and then fix it with a square head screw. Secure the horizontal rail connector to the horizontal rail and rail mount.


4. Torsion spring: the torsion spring center bracket, nylon rubber ring, fixing flange, torsion spring, locking flange, reel, bearing bracket matched with the weight of the door body are plated in order (dividing the left and right sides) On the zinc pipe, and pay attention to whether the components are installed correctly.


5. Small door: Install according to the standard, first fix the outer frame door stop, then fix the small door door seal.


6. Opener: connect and fix the chain box to the motor.


7. Wiring: The wiring should be horizontal and vertical, both beautiful and reasonable. Connect the power supply, observe the operation of the motor, and adjust the up and down stroke.


8. Label: The label must be marked with the installer's number and nailed to the lower right corner of the door.


9. Airbag: The airbag of the industrial door is a gas-sensing side, which has the function of resisting rebound and protecting the safety of people and vehicles.

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