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How to adjust the remote control key of the electric garage door?

How to adjust the remote control key of the electric garage door?

Electric Garage Door Remote Key Adjustment: Clear Code

Although the remote control key of the garage door is small in size, it is equivalent to a simple computer in function. It also has a chip with computing power. At the same time, it can input commands through buttons, and can transmit signals through antennas or diodes. In addition to being able to control the garage door, the two remotes can also be easily copied. This process is very similar to matching keys, which is done by copying. Like a newly purchased remote control, first of all, you need to completely erase the original content by clearing the code. Press and hold the code button for 5 seconds, and you can see the indicator light flashing after 5 seconds, which means that the code is cleared successfully.

Electric garage door remote key adjustment: matching code

The most critical step is to match the code, that is, to copy the password information of the original key to the new key. In fact, this process is the same as when we copy the contents of the U disk, but in a wireless form. Put the old and new remotes together and align them, then press the code button at the same time, and the copying will start automatically. When you see the indicator light flashing, it means that it has been successfully completed. The chip of the new key also has the same information, which can be used to control the garage door.

Electric Garage Door Remote Key Adjustment: Confirmed

Of course, to complete the remote control of copying and matching code, be sure to confirm whether it can be used normally. Press the door open button and the door close button respectively to see if the garage door can complete the corresponding action. If there is no response, it is very likely that the previous operation was wrong. Need to clear the code again, and then match the code again. But be sure to distinguish the two keys, but do not clear the password of the original key.

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