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How to balance the garage door bracket

How to balance the garage door bracket


Garage door brackets are engineered to move flawlessly at one point when perfectly balanced, they neither feel too heavy nor too light, and will hang at whatever height you decide to set them.

Unfortunately, too many perfect garage doors can become worn out when the owner refuses to perform regular maintenance. It is therefore important to regularly check your garage door balance and make adjustments if necessary. Often, your garage will need to have the garage door bracket replaced in order to function properly.

Check the garage door balance, before adjusting the garage door, you must know in which direction it is out of balance. The following are the steps to handle balancing.

Disconnect the garage door from the opener and check how well the door hangs on its own. Move the door up and down a few times to make sure the door can move easily, before making balance adjustments, you need to deal with other obstacles to make your garage door move smoothly in the track, run it up about halfway, and release. Just be sure to adjust the telescopic spring door by moving the spring in the opposite direction.

Before testing, do this on both sides, the spring set should always be adjusted evenly, and after the spring set is safely away from the spring, move the door up and down again to check the balance. From here it is possible to decide if further spring adjustment is required, or just a finer adjustment.

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