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How to Choose a Good Quality Garage Door

How to Choose a Good Quality Garage Door


Due to its sealing performance and high safety performance,garage doors are usually used as factory gates and are more common protective door products in factories.

Considering that there are many first-time customers who know too little about garage doors, the purchased products cannot meet their inner standards, and they feel that they are not easy to use and are not safe. Let me tell you about the selection of high-quality lifting doors, which aspects should start from.


First, look at the configuration

Lifting doors are different from high-speed doors, rolling shutter doors and other industrial door products. Its own weight is much heavier than other industrial door products. When encountering a factory with a large door opening, it must be protected by a safety system, otherwise it will have a very serious safety hazard. Therefore, its standard configuration includes door panels, hinges, torsion springs, special motors, special control systems, and safety systems. When customers choose, they must understand clearly whether the above standard configuration is complete. If the above configuration is lacking, please choose carefully!


Second, the special configuration

If the manufacturer meets the above standard configuration, there is no need to rush to purchase, because this is only the first step. Next, you need to know whether the configuration meets the requirements. For example, hinges, torsion springs, motors, and control systems need to be used for special purposes. In order to save costs, some manufacturers , choose to use the garage door motor and hinge instead, remember! Although the garage door and lift door look a bit similar, there are actually differences, and the accessories of the two cannot be used with each other! Otherwise, the service life of the door will be affected.


Third?Products and services

In addition to the quality of the product itself, the manufacturer also needs to provide additional value-added services. Generally, the larger lift door manufacturers will provide after-sales service, such as Hörmann, Kuofu, Xilang Door Industry, etc., which also provides an additional guarantee for customers.


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