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How to Choose Electric Garage Door Hardware

How to Choose Electric Garage Door Hardware

High-quality electric garage door hardware is mainly reflected in the design, manufacturing level of its pulley system and the design of the track that goes with it. Bearings used in the manufacture of pulleys must be multi-layer composite bearings, the outermost layer is a high-strength wear-resistant nylon bushing, and the nylon surface must be very smooth without rib-like protrusions. The inner ball bracket is also a high-strength nylon structure, which reduces friction and enhances the lubricating performance of the bearing; the structural layers that bear the force are all steel structures, which can effectively reduce the noise during the sliding process of the pulley and make the pulley lubricated.

High-quality electric garage door hardware is reflected in the perfect combination of track and pulley, rather than a simple part, so consumers should not unilaterally pay attention to the thickness of the track wall. The track matched with the pulley is also crucial for the use of the electric garage door. The track used for the electric garage door generally has two types: cold-rolled steel track and aluminum alloy track. Consumers generally think that steel rails are stronger and more durable than aluminum alloy rails, and the thicker the wall of the rails, the better, but this is not always the case.
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