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How to fix a automatic malfunctioning remote garage door?

How to fix a automatic malfunctioning remote garage door?

Nowadays, the problem of remote control garage door failure is very common. In this article, the editor will teach you fix a malfunctioning remote garage door.

There are usually two types of remote controls for automatic remote control garage door: wireless remote control and wired remote control.


The difference between wired remote control and wireless remote control

The convenience of the wired remote control is not as good as that of the wireless remote control, and the reliability of the wireless remote control is not as good as the wired remote control.

At present, the vast majority of remote controllers of home automatic remote control garage door on the market use wireless remote control solutions, which bring convenience and often fail, such as garage door failure and remote controller failure. The following are garage door failure recovery tips and garage door remote controller failure recovery tutorials.

Remote control indicator of automatic remote control garage door is off

At this point, there may be two situations, one is that the battery is dead, and the other is that the button fails. What you need to do is to replace the battery of the remote controller with a new one and try the operation again. If the failure problem is solved, it means that the battery is dead; if the failure problem is not solved, the button fails. Loosen the fixing screws of the remote controller, and then disassemble the remote controller, in order to clean the dust and other debris in the remote controller. After cleaning the inside of the remote controller, you should install the remote controller and install new batteries,then you will usually resolve the malfunction.

Remote control indicator of automatic remote control garage door is on

If the remote control indicator come on but the garage door doesn't respond, it's time to re-pair the remote controller with the receiver. The correct way to check the code between the remote controller and the receiver is to refer to the product manual, and follow the code matching steps in the manual to match the code between the remote controller and the receiver.

However, at present, there are generally only two types of remote controller frequencies for household automatic remote control garage door, which can be coded with the receiver coding frequency. First find the receiver code key, the receiver code key is usually on the back of the motor, press and hold it until the receiver indicator light is always on, then click the remote controller operation key, the receiver indicator light and the remote controller indicator light flash at the same time , the code is successful. If the remote controller and receiver are still unable to control the lifting and lowering of the garage door after completing the code matching, the editor does not recommend to continue to find the fault point and try to solve it. You should ask the product after-sales service technician to assist in processing.

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