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How to Install all parts in garage door

How to Install all parts in garage door


Garage Door Bracket Installation


It is always an unwritten custom that when a child gets married, they usually buy a new house or a car, which means the parent's task is done, the child has started a family, and if money is tight, you buy one first car, and you want a Garage gates Mounting Bracket that sells more than houses, when every family has a small car, ordinary parking spaces can't accommodate so many vehicles, some users will buy their own Garage gates Mounting Bracket, and then choose a secure Garage gates Mounting Bracket door, they Some of them start to install garage doors, some people find someone to install garage doors, below CHI Hardware explains how to install White Garage gates Mounting Bracket doors.


Garage Door Installation Process

1. Garage Door Installation - Preparation

(1) When you receive the package of the White Garage gates Mounting Bracket door, first check the garage door parts and accessories, if there is damage or the wrong quantity, you can apply for replacement or return,

(2) If the garage door is packaged, you can install it by yourself after you prepare the tools,


2. Garage Door Installation - Track

(1) The width and height of the White Garage gates Mounting Bracket panel can determine the position of the two tracks. The casing is horizontal and can be fixed with M8*41mm square head screws.

(2) Use a tape measure to measure the horizontal guide rail and the wall. When measuring the distance between the two horizontal guide rails, it must be measured accurately, otherwise it will affect the later installation effect. Use M6.4*14mm small cap screws and hexagon nuts to adjust the horizontal guide rails, connecting parts , the horizontal rail and the rail are fixedly connected,

(3) Finally, use two tripods and tighten the ends of their horizontal rails with M6.4*14mm small cap nuts, and use M8*70mm expansion bolts to fix them on the ceiling or wall, be firm,

3. Garage Door Installation - Torsion Spring


(1) The torsion spring center bracket and nylon rubber ring are fixed on the flange and the torsion spring of the garage door, first of all, the flange, reel and bearing bracket are locked and can be placed on the galvanized steel pipe in order, pay attention to zero, components Is it installed correctly?

(2) Use M8*41mm square head screws to fix the center bracket of the torsion spring to the short board in the upper middle of the Galvanized Garage Door Mounting Brackets opening, and then use M9.5*19mm large cap screws to fix the upper part of the garage door opening, the lower end of the bearing bracket, The nut is connected to the horizontal guide rail, and the upper end of the bearing bracket can be fixed to the side wooden frame with M8*41mm square head screws,


4. Garage Door Installation - Garage Door

(1) Put the sealing strip on the bottom of the door panel, fix it on the door panel with M4*16mm or M6.4*16mm self-nails, put the bottom wheel bracket on the side of the door panel near the seal,

(2) The folds are located at the left, middle and right positions of the top of the door panel, which are fixed with M6.4*16mm nails respectively. The door panels are placed in the established track in a fixed order, and M6.4*16mm is automatically stacked to connect each fold. and each door panel, so that each door panel is integrated into one,


5. Garage Door Installation - Details

(1) The installation handle of the handle should be installed on the bottom door, the left and right center, the horizontal center line and the edge line of the square should be aligned, so that the surface can be evenly pressed.

(2) The installation lock hole of the lock should be installed in the center of the third door panel. When installing, the lock slot should be downward, and the back cover must be tightened, otherwise, the Galvanized Garage Door Mounting Brackets installation will be invalid.


6. Garage Door Installation - Adjustment

After installing the Galvanized Garage Door Mounting Brackets, you can lift the door several times by hand to see if the door runs smoothly, the strength of the torsion spring is suitable, if there is any abnormality, you can adjust the screws of each connecting part,


garage door bracket


Garage Door Top Roller Fixture Bracket In Galvanized Steel


Description:Residential Top Bracket


Surface:Galvanized or Zinc Plated

Material:Carbon Steel

Use:For use with 11mm diameter roller


Specification: Sectional Garage door adjustable top roller Fixture bracket in galvanized steel



Manufacture Method: Punching,bending,Assemble

Use:It is used with 11mm diameter roller

Garage Door adjustable top roller fixture bracket,it is produced by galvanized steel,and it is used on the top of the door.

How to control the quality of the sectional garage door top roller bracket?We would choose the best steel material with good Physical Properties,and when we do the surface treatment of zinc plate, we would control the thickness of plating which would guarantee the garage door hinges would not rust easily,it is the most important for our products.

All our sectional garage door hardwares are manufactured in strict accordance with international standards, therefore, our products meet Chinese and international standards. The garage door hardware such as tracks and hinges are made of hot-dip galvanized steel produced by famous steel factory, It is rust-resistant, durable and beautiful.

All our garage door top roller bracket are processed according to strict procedures, so they have good precision and appearance to ensure the quiet, smooth and reliable operation of the garage door.

Besides,we could also prepare the residential door hardware kits according to your door size or any special requirements.

About CHI


CHI Hardware Corp Ltd is located in China, and is a professional manufacturer of sectional garage door hardwares. Such as hinge, bracket, roller, track, cable drum, torsion spring, chain hoist, window etc . It is a rapidly growing company, specialized in producing metal stamping, casting, plastic injection products.Click here to follow our website for more content.welcome to our website for more information.

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