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How to install the electric garage door track?

How to install the electric garage door track?

1. Determine the fixed position of the two rails according to the width and height of the door panel and measure the level with a horizontal pipe, and then fix it with M8×41mm square head screws.

2. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the horizontal rail and the wall and between the two horizontal rails, use a level to measure the level of the horizontal rail, and then use M6.4×14mm cap screws and hexagonal nuts to connect the horizontal rail connector to The horizontal rail and the rail are fixedly connected and fixed.
3. Make two tripods with eye-angle steel, then connect them to the end of the horizontal rail with M6. 4×14mm cap screws and nuts, and use M8×70mm expansion bolts to fix it to the ceiling or wall . This is done.
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