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How to Replace a Garage Door Pulley

How to Replace a Garage Door Pulley

How to Replace a Garage Door Pulley

1. Install the track first; the track needs to be placed in the middle of the garage door cover, so first carefully measure the size of the 2 sides.

2. After careful positioning and measurement, reassemble the five boards of the drawer, tighten the screws, and there are card slots on the drawer panel. After processing, put the drawer on the installed drawer, and make the position of the adjustment nail holes match, and then you can drill with an electric drill. Be careful not to shift when drilling.

3. After drilling holes on both sides, fix them with self-tapping screws, then drill holes in the middle, and then use a screwdriver to install screws to fix them.

4. Then install the lower track installation, first wipe the bottom of the wardrobe.

5. Position the lower rail, put the garage door in the upper and lower rails first, adjust the position to make the sliding door achieve the best sliding effect, and then follow the installation method of the upper rail, drill holes and then fix it. Then fix the position of the lower rail, and use a brush to clean the inner layer of the rail.

6. Garage door installation. First lift the door gently to let the upper pulley of the door enter the upper track, then lift the garage door with one hand, and pull the lower pulley with the other hand, so that the lower pulley can smoothly enter the lower track.

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