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How to test the high-speed door?

How to test the high-speed door?


The industrial high-speed door is a high-quality door product of modern factory enterprises. With the continuous maturity of product technology, the design, production and installation cycle have been greatly shortened, and the work efficiency has been greatly improved. At the same time, it is especially important for the commissioning and acceptance of the quick door installation.

Industrial fast door debugging, probably divided into the following parts:

First, the upper and lower limit debugging test: When the door is in a static state, press the up button, the door body runs upwards, and after buffering and completely stopping, it is judged whether the lifting height meets the requirements of the user. If the requirements are not met, debug again; afterwards, press the down button to observe whether the door end position is naturally decent after the door body has completely stopped.

Second, emergency stop button performance detection: During the operation of the door body, press the emergency stop button to observe whether the door body stops immediately. If it is still operating normally, check if the emergency stop button is malfunctioning or damaged.

Third, automatic start function debugging: use the vehicle, personnel movement to simulate the actual situation, observe whether the door can be opened in time, and whether there is no dead angle signal coverage at all angles.

Fourth, infrared anti-mite performance debugging: in the process of falling door, cut off the infrared radiation system, to see if the door will rebound in time. During the test, you should pay attention to your own safety and prevent the injury caused by the failure of the infrared system.

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