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Installation of garage doors

Installation of garage doors


installation steps

With regard to the installation of electric garage doors, many people may not, and they will not be better protected. If you know the installation procedures, then you will better maintain it. Garage doors are widely used in life, most of them are automatic garage doors, or remote control garage doors.

1, the installation of the track

 Determine the position of the two rails for fixation according to the width and height of the door panel and measure the level with a horizontal tube, and then fix it with M8 × 41? square head screws. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the horizontal rail and the wall and the two horizontal rails. Use a horizontal ruler to measure the level of the horizontal rail. Then use a small cap screw and a hexagon nut with M6.4 × 14? to connect the horizontal rail connector to the horizontal rail. It is fixedly connected to the track. Make two tripods with eye angle steel, then connect them to the end of the horizontal rail with M6.4 × 14? small cap screws and nuts, and fix them to the ceiling or wall with M8 × 70? expansion bolts.

2, Installation of torsion spring

Place the torsion spring center bracket, nylon rubber ring, fixed flange, torsion spring that matches the weight of the door body, locking flange, reel, and bearing bracket on the galvanized steel pipe in order (distinguish left and right sides), and Pay attention to whether all parts are installed correctly. Use M8 × 41? square head screws to fix the center bracket of the torsion spring to the short wooden board in the middle of the upper part of the opening, and avoid the installation position of the chain box. Use M8 × 40? bolts to connect the torsion spring center bracket, nylon rubber ring, fixed flange and torsion spring, and then connect the torsion spring to the locking flange. Then, the lower end of the bearing bracket is connected and fixed to the horizontal rail connector with M9.5 × 19  large cap screws and nuts, and the upper end of the bearing bracket is fixed to the side wooden frame with M8 × 41? square head screws.

3. Installation of door panels

Place the bottom seal on the bottom of the bottom door panel, and fix it from the back to the door panel with M4 × 16? or M6.4 × 16? self-tapping screws. Place the bottom wheel brackets on the sides of the door panel near the bottom seal. 1 # folds are placed at the top left, middle, and right three positions (the width is less than 10 feet, the middle position is one; the width is 10 feet) To 14 feet, two in the middle position; 15 feet to 18 feet in width, three in the middle position), and fixed with M6.4 × 16? self-tapping screws. Then the roller is coated with glycerin and penetrated into the bottom wheel bracket and 1 # fold, and the door panel is placed in the standing track and leveled. The 2 # fold, 3 # fold, 4 # fold, and top-wheel bracket are respectively fixed to the left and right positions on the top of each door panel in order, and the connection of the middle position of each door panel uses 1 # folding. Put each door panel into the established track in order, and connect the hinges and door panels with self-tapping screws of M6.4 × 16 ? to make each door panel into one.

4, the strength of the torsion spring

Wrap one end of the wire rope loop on the hook shaft of the bottom wheel bracket. Energize the torsion spring according to the specified tightening table. Do not exceed or fall a half turn of the specified number of turns. Hold the steel rod and hang the other end of the wire rope on the reel. Tighten the wire rope and lock the reel. Lock the locking flange and remove the pinned steel rod. This process is extremely dangerous. You must pay attention to safety, and you must protect yourself and avoid hurting others.


Lift the door several times by hand to observe whether the door body runs smoothly and the strength of the torsion spring is appropriate. Then make specific adjustments and tighten the screws of each connecting part.

6.Motor installation

Connect and fix the chain box with the motor. Fix the U-shaped frame at the front of the chain box to the wooden board above the center bracket of the torsion spring and center it to connect the chain box. The "∏" bracket is made of angled steel with an eye, the lower end is connected to the motor with M8, and the upper end is fixed to the ceiling with two M8 × 708 expansion bolts. Use M6.4 × 16? self-tapping screws to fix the hook seat to the middle position on the top of the top door panel and connect the hooks. Connect the power supply, observe the operation of the motor, and adjust the up and down stroke.


Use a white sheathed wire of Φ1.0 diameter to lead out from the electric switch terminal at the rear of the motor, and follow the motor hanger to the left of the opening 1.2 M away from the ground, nail a wire clip every 500?, and then connect On the manual switch. The wiring should be horizontal and vertical, both beautiful and reasonable.

8, the installation of the handle

The handle should be installed on the bottom door panel, centered left and right, and the horizontal center line aligned with the lower edge line of the grid.

9, lock installation

The keyhole should use a special hole opener to open at the center of the third door panel from the bottom to the top. When installing, the lock groove must be downward.


In order to ensure your safety and reduce accidents, you must read the installation and use manual thoroughly before installation, and strictly follow the steps suggested in the installation and use manual. If you encounter problems during operation, please consult a professional installer or dealer.

1. When installing, be sure to ask the installer to inspect the door. Only open the door opener on a well-balanced door, otherwise it may cause serious consequences.

2. When the door is running, it is strictly forbidden for people or objects to pass under the door, or stay under the door.

3. It is forbidden to operate the remote control in a place where the operation of the door cannot be seen, so as not to cause a safety accident or the garage door to open by mistake.

4. The horizontal guide requirements, quality standards and safety standards on both sides of the door body are the best choice for customers to purchase automatic doors.

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