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Introduction of Industrial Door

Introduction of Industrial Door

Industrial doors are common facilities for enterprises, and are suitable for large warehouses, logistics industries, medicine, food, factories and mines and other industries that require relatively high opening speed, heat preservation, sound insulation, sealing, and wind resistance. In particular, the door opening is large, and it is inconvenient to install the ground door body, which is convenient and quick to open.

Types of industrial doors
1. Rolling shutter door, but its structural characteristics determine that its thermal insulation ability will not be too strong.

2. Industrial sliding door (industrial sliding door): This is a professional industrial exterior door, which is most commonly used in foreign industrial plants and logistics buildings. Its various functions are in industrial and logistics environments. Gradually developed, it can meet the needs of thermal insulation, sealing, high-frequency switching, service life, professional control, use safety, etc., and is now more and more used by my country's industrial and logistics projects.

3. Industrial high-speed door: This is a more professional industrial door. Its maximum opening speed can reach 1.2 m/s (average speed), and the maximum instantaneous speed can reach 2 m/s. It is mostly used in industrial plants and warehouses. The connecting channel of the unit can block the air flow to ensure that the environment of the specific unit meets the standard. At the same time, its high-speed and high-step switch can ensure smooth operation. At present, the high-speed doors on the market are mostly rolling shutters. Due to the high technical requirements, it still needs to be imported.

4. Professional thermal insulation door: This is a professional door used in very warm conditions, such as low temperature cold storage door, high temperature area door, etc. This type of door pays more attention to thermal insulation and airtightness, mostly translational type, in addition , and other professional doors, such as high-clean sealing doors, high-clean automatic doors, etc.

The composition of industrial doors
Industrial doors are mainly composed of door body, hardware, drive system, control system and safety system.

1. Industrial door body: It is made of stainless steel, color steel, galvanized steel, sheet steel, aluminum alloy, polyurethane and polystyrene. choose.

2. Industrial door hardware: industrial door center frame, industrial door adjustable hinge, industrial door bearing frame, industrial door tension spring and torsion spring, industrial door vertical rail fixing frame, industrial door tower wheel, industrial door flat wheel, industrial door Door pulley, industrial door top wheel frame, industrial door bottom wheel frame, special track for industrial door, anti-pinch hand and jaw.

3. Industrial door drive: The door opener is the core component of the industrial door. According to the size of the door in the model you choose, guide the selection of the rated power of the door opener; choose the correct door opener type according to the type of door.

4. Industrial door control: Industrial door control can be selected according to needs: button, pull rope, remote control, induction, photoelectric, microwave, magnetic ring and other control methods.

5. Industrial door safety system: Industrial door safety system includes: rebound in case of resistance, infrared protection, airbags, anti-break devices, alarms, etc.

6. Industrial door opening methods: Industrial door opening methods mainly include: vertical lift type, translation type, flat opening type, folding type and rolling shutter type.

Features of industrial doors
1. Safe, reliable and stable operation: the overall door frame structure is adopted to ensure the safety of the door load-bearing structure and the overall smooth operation.

2. It takes up less space at the top and is easy to arrange, which is the main reason why industrial doors are suitable for the majority of enterprises.

3. Low noise, high sealing performance, beautiful appearance and light door body.

4. The operating system can be equipped with button control, remote control operation, automatic operation and infrared safety protection system.

5. The infrared sensing device installed on both sides of the door body, even if the door body is forcibly opened, when a person or object enters the door, the infrared sensing device will start immediately and continue to alarm.

6. Sensitive automatic alarm device, no matter using any tool to push up or pry the door body illegally, it will start the alarm immediately, which is safe and reliable.
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