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Precautions for installing garage doors

Precautions for installing garage doors


In order to ensure your safety and reduce the occurrence of accidents, please read the installation manual in detail before garage door installation, and strictly follow the steps in the installation manual. If you encounter difficult problems during operation, please consult professional installers or dealers.

1. When installing, be sure to ask the installer to check the door body, and only allow the door opener to be installed on the well-balanced door body, otherwise it may cause serious consequences.

2. When the door is running, it is strictly forbidden for people or objects to pass under the door or stay under the door.

3. It is forbidden to operate the remote control in a place where the operation of the door cannot be seen, so as to avoid safety accidents or accidental opening of the garage door.

4. The horizontal guide requirements, quality standards and safety standards on both sides of the door body are the best choice for customers to purchase automatic doors.

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