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Safety protection device for garage door

Safety protection device for garage door


The safety of the use of garage doors is an issue that everyone cares about. In order to ensure that large and heavy garage doors do not occur in accidents such as falling of the door body or injury to the door body, Chi Hardware has specially installed safety protection devices for the garage door to strengthen the safety performance of the garage door.

1: Spring break protection device

The balance spring is one of the essential parts of the garage door, and has the function of ensuring the balance of the door body running up and down. In order to make the operation of the garage door safer and more reliable, we have specially set up a spring break protection device. Once the spring breaks unexpectedly, this device can effectively prevent the garage door from falling.

2: Wire rope break protection device

The steel wire rope is the main force for the operation of industrial garage doors. In case of an accidental wire rope breakage, the wire rope breakage protection device can effectively prevent the door body from falling by clamping the side rails of the garage door.

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