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Sectional Overhead Door From CHI Hardware

Sectional Overhead Door From CHI Hardware


Sectional Overhead Doors manufactured by CHI hardware are perfect for all logistical and industrial warehouse requirements. Sectional overhead doors are most useful in pharmaceutical industry. These doors help in maintaining controlled atmosphere inside warehouse.

Our Sectional Door design is best for clients who need robust, well-insulated and space-saving doors with security and offer astonishing benefits. Sectional Overhead Door side runners transfer vertically along the wall and parallel to the ceiling, guaranteeing best use of the available inner space. Its heat insulation and soundproofing confirmed by insulated panels, can maintain internal environment conditions and energy consumption. Quality materials, exact processing and constant quality checks promise flawless safety, dependability and long service life. All our doors obey with safety obligation of international standards.

 CHI hardware is a Sectional Overhead Door designed to be combined with thermally protected panels and extruded aluminium panels, formed for implanting see-through acrylic, fenced or meshed windows. This combination gives the door a very exclusive look, which improves the face of both commercial and industrial buildings, where CHI combines in perfectly as a real-world and pretty feature.

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