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Teach you how to measure torsion springs correctly

Teach you how to measure torsion springs correctly

Torsion springs are generally used to support the focus of a specific garage door, so the requirements for spring specifications and length are very precise. When replacing a torsion spring, it is important to use the same spring with the same specifications and length as the existing spring. Therefore, knowing the various dimensions of the old spring becomes an important indicator for you in choosing a new spring. Next, I will teach you how to measure the various values of the spring.

Step 1: Measure 20 coils first
Count the 20 coils on the torsion spring and measure them with a tape measure. Based on the measurement, the wire gauge of the torsion spring is obtained, which corresponds to the color painted on the spring.

Step 2: Measure the total length of the spring
Measure the length between the wires of the spring. Remember not to add the length of the winding or fixed cone when measuring. When looking for a replacement, you can safely add an inch to the length as needed.

Step 3: Measure the inside diameter
Use a tape measure to measure the diameter. This can be measured on a broken spring. The diameter of a home garage door is usually 1-3/4 inches or 2 inches, and the diameter of a commercial door is larger.

Step 4: Determine what spring wind you need
Torsion springs come in right-hand and left-hand styles. When you look at your garage door, a left-hand spring is installed on the right side and is wound counterclockwise; a right-hand spring is installed on the left side and is wound clockwise. If your garage door has two torsion springs, replace both at the same time to keep the garage door tension even.

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