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The Assemble of Industrial Door

The Assemble of Industrial Door


First, the installation of the steel frame: the standard steel frame is placed on both sides of the hole to ensure the verticality and levelness of the steel frame, and then fixed to the wall with 10 M10×110mm expansion bolts to ensure each point. Can withstand 1000N vertical tension without falling off, not loose, and pay attention to avoid the installation position of the track fixture.


Second, the installation of the track: according to the width and height of the door panel of the industrial sliding door to determine the position of the two rail fixings and horizontal level tube, and then fixed with M8 × 41mm square head screws.


Third, the installation of torsion spring: the torsion spring center bracket, nylon rubber ring, fixed flange, torsion spring, locking flange, reel, bearing bracket matching the weight of the door in order (clear left and right side) On galvanized steel pipes, and pay attention to whether the components are installed correctly.


4. Installation of the industrial sliding door panel: Place the bottom sealing strip on the bottom of the door panel and fix it from the back to the door panel with M4×16mm or M6.4×16mm self-tapping screws.


V. Adjustment: Lift the industrial sliding door several times by hand, observe whether the door body is running smoothly, whether the strength of the torsion spring is appropriate, and then make specific adjustments and tighten the screws of each connecting part.


6. Installation of industrial sliding door motor: connect and fix the chain box to the motor. Fix the U-shaped frame at the front end of the chain case to the wooden board above the torsion spring center bracket and center it to connect the chain box. The "∏" bracket is made of steel with an angle of the eye, the lower end is fixed with the motor M8, and the upper end is fixed to the ceiling with two M8 x 70 mm expansion bolts. The hook seat is fixed to the middle of the top of the top door panel with a self-tapping screw of M6.4×16 mm, and the hook is connected. Connect the power supply, observe the operation of the motor, and adjust the up and down stroke.


7. Wiring: Use the white sheathed wire of φ1.0 wire diameter, draw it out from the electric switch terminal of the motor tail, follow the motor hanger to the left side of the hole to the ground 1.2m away from the ground, nail a line every 500mm Clip, then connect the manual switch. The wiring should be horizontal and vertical, both beautiful and reasonable.


8. Handle installation: The handle should be installed on the bottom door, centered on the left and right, and the horizontal centerline is aligned with the lower edge of the square.

 Nine, the installation of the lock: the keyhole application special hole opener, open in the center position of the third door panel from the bottom up, the lock groove will be downwards and the back cap will be tightened during installation.

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