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The Big 5 Exhibition

The Big 5 Exhibition


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In 2019, the 40th D Dubai Building Materials Industry Exhibition, THE BIG5, was held at the Dubai World Trade Center from November 25th to 28th, 2019, with a total exhibition area of approximately 121,000 square meters. The exhibition began in 1980 and has been successfully held for 39 sessions. It is highly regarded by the industry as the main platform for the building materials industry market in the Middle East. Its influence is radiating to North Africa, the Middle East, Southern Europe and South Asia, and other parts of West Asia.

We will come to the Big5 exhibition, Our exhibition number is Z2B196. If you also will be in the exhibition, welocome to our exhibition to visit. Please contact our Boss, The contact information is E-mail: Telephone : +8613913519865

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