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The importance of springs for garage doors

The importance of springs for garage doors


The spring of the garage door mainly plays a balancing role, reducing the burden on the motor. The strength of the spring and the strength of the garage door are quite the ideal configuration. If the spring force is large or small, it will affect the operation of the garage door. In severe cases, there may be a safety accident that may harm others.

Therefore, when buying a garage door, pay special attention to the quality and specifications of the spring and whether it matches the garage door. In addition, during the use of the garage door, the tightness of the spring should also be checked frequently to ensure the safety of the garage door.

I. Spring permanent deformation

1.Pre-twist the spring once, twist the spring to the corresponding degree of Ps for 10 minutes, and then twist it three times in a row with the same load to measure the amount of deformation of the spring degree1.0 %.

II. Spring safety fatigue life test

1. The spring should not break after 20000 fatigue tests. The load loss after the test should not be greater than 1.5% of the working load, and the loss of torsion should not exceed 1.0% of the total torsion.

2. The garage door should be equipped with a spring break protection device: when the garage door spring breaks, this device can prevent the garage door body from sliding down, thereby avoiding dangerous situations.

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