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The introduction and functions of garage door seals.

The introduction and functions of garage door seals.


The seals ( garage door bottom seal, garage door side seal, garage door top seal) around the garage door and between the door and the door should be installed flat, fit tightly, and should not have leaks or loose joints.

The Top and bottom seals generally use sealing wool strips. The sealing brush is composed of the base, the fastening line and the wool material, and is equipped with a bracket, which has the functions of dustproof, insectproof, preventing airflow loss of the air conditioner, waterproof, cold and heat insulation, sound insulation and so on.

The side seal and the middle seal generally use sealant strips, which have the functions of shock absorption, waterproof sound insulation, heat insulation, dustproof, and fixing. The middle seal of the door leaf is generally sealed with double-layer EPDM rubber strips.

Performance of EPDM rubber sealing strip of CHI garage door:

Hardness (Shaw A type): ≤60 degrees

Aging coefficient (70 ? ± 2 × 96 hours): ≤0.70

Elongation: ≥4.50%

Breaking force: ≥18.63MPa

Brittleness temperature: less than -50 ?

Heat transfer coefficient: ≤2.0W / m2.K

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