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Types and Characteristics of Industrial Doors

Types and Characteristics of Industrial Doors


There are many varieties of industrial doors, the key ones are the following categories: industrial rolling shutter doors, industrial production fast rolling shutter doors, industrial sliding doors, industrial sliding doors, industrial production special doors, etc.

1. Industrial rolling shutter door: The industrial rolling shutter door is composed of door structure, door curtain, driving motor, and automatic control system. The performance characteristics of industrial shutter doors made of different materials are different.

(1) Fast door: The electric rolling shutter door made of PVC mosquito screen window is usually called fast door or fast rolling door. multiple effects. It is widely used in various indoor places such as food, advanced chemistry, textile industry, optoelectronics, packaging and printing, warehousing and logistics, precision machinery and equipment.

(2) Wind-resistant rolling shutter door: It is composed of curtain, anti-impeller, anti-impact rail, and door-opening transmission mechanism. The inner layer of the curtain is made of polyurethane thermal insulation material. Compared with the ordinary curtain, it has the advantages of heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, and beautiful appearance.

2. Fast industrial rolling shutter doors for industrial production: A highly specialized industrial-grade door. Its maximum instantaneous velocity can reach 2 m/s. With fast, high-frequency power switching, it also ensures smooth operation. Durable**, the safety factor is stronger. Compared with ordinary iron or steel mixed industrial doors, fast rolling shutter doors are not only fast and reliable, but also have long-lasting bright colors and never rust.

3. Industrial sliding door: It consists of door leaf, balance system software, propulsion and automatic control system, safety device, rail and sealing and other optional components. It has the advantages of good heat insulation and airtightness, and the strongest mechanical equipment resistance. It is widely used due to lower installation and use standards and higher applicability.

The lifting methods of industrial doors are divided into three types: standard lifting, segmented vertical lifting and low-level lifting. The industrial door in which the specification is lifted is also called the industrial sliding door. The industrial door with two lifting methods of segmented vertical lifting and low lifting is called industrial production lifting door.

4. Industrial sliding door: Industrial sliding door is a door type in which the door leaf is moved to one or both sides of the door leaf to complete the opening of the door leaf. It has the advantages of good sealing performance and fire resistance, no overall deformation, and the surface layer is not easy to age. It is suitable for doors in production workshops, warehouses, logistics distribution centers and other places.

5. Special doors for industrial production: compared with ordinary windows and doors, windows and doors with the most special main purposes, including fire doors and windows, anti-radiation lead doors, civil air defense doors, sound insulation doors, anti-pry doors, explosion-proof doors and windows, smoke-proof doors, anti-fouling doors Doors, anti-sandstorm doors, anti-seismic wave doors, anti-seismic grade doors, etc.


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