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What are the characteristics of singel panel lift doors?

What are the characteristics of singel panel lift doors?


Many car owners do not know what the advantages of different garage doors are. In this article, the editor will tell you some of the features and advantages of single panel garage door, so that you can be more judgmental when choosing a garage door.

The principle of single panel garage door

The torsion spring is used to bear the weight of the door body, and the door body is pulled up smoothly through the wire rope connected with the wire wheel and the door body. The torsion spring will play a vital role in it, that is, to carry the torque load caused by the weight of the single panel garage door body, so that single panel garage door can smoothly and smoothly complete the function of sliding up and down according to the command.


Advantages of single panel garage door

1. The single panel garage door is designed to be installed on most building structures. The single-panel garage door has a compact structure, and has the advantages of thermal insulation and anti-theft. It consists of a series of door panels. Rising along the track, the door body is kept balanced by the torsion spring system. The difference in rail system and garageing method makes it adaptable to different building structures.

2. The single panel garage door panel is composed of two layers of galvanized sheet, and the surface is sprayed. Filled with high-density expanded urethane foam between the two steel plates, heat insulation and sound insulation, strong mechanical resistance. The thickness of the door panel is 40MM to 80MM, with different surface layers and door panels of various colors. The sealing between the door panels ensures its thermal insulation, avoids being flooded by water, prevents dust from entering, etc., and has a thermal insulation function.

3. The single panel garage door has an anti-fall system, which can be equipped with an airbag system, an infrared security system, and an anti-wire rope breakage system.

Features of single panel garage door 

1. Applicability: Designed according to the characteristics of the building structure, the single panel Garage door opens vertically upward, hangs flat on the inner side of the wall above the door opening, does not occupy any indoor space, gives full play to the advantages of vertical rise, does not occupy both sides of the door opening, and releases the door opening space.

2. Appearance: The double-layer galvanized steel plate is filled with polyurethane foam, the thickness of the door body reaches 40-50MM, and the surface embossing design can make the door panel durable, easy to clean, beautiful and elegant, and enhance the corporate image.

3. Thermal insulation: The double-layer steel plate reduces thermal energy consumption, and the high-density polyurethane thermal insulation layer is sandwiched inside, which has a good thermal insulation effect.

4. Noise isolation: low-noise opening, galvanized pulley seat is equipped with adjustable ball bearings and wear-resistant rubber wheels to ensure silent opening and closing of the door.

5. Wind resistance: When the door body reaches a certain width, an external reinforcing rib is designed to ensure its strength. Tested by European standards, it can resist instantaneous 10-level wind.

6. Air tightness: The top, bottom and both sides of the door panel are equipped with excellent rubber sealing strips, and there is also a reliable seal between the door panels to ensure that the single-panel garage door body is not corroded. The sealing strips installed around the door body ensure good air tightness.

7. Protective device: Five protective devices: anti-fall device, protective airbag (optional), prevent the door from falling or the bottom of the door collides with obstacles, the door will automatically stop or run in reverse to avoid accidents; The wire rope breaking device and the torsion spring breaking protection device can prevent the door body in any way from hurting people and things. Anti-rushing device; the anti-rushing device is installed at the top of the track to prevent the motor from malfunctioning and the door body rises and rushes out of the track, and plays the role of buffering when ascending and boosting when descending.

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