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What are the complete garage door accessories?

What are the complete garage door accessories?


Garage Door Accessories Are an Important Part of a Complete Set of Garage Doors. What Are the Garage Door Accessories? Usually, a Complete Set of Garage Door is Composed of Garage Door Panel, Accessories and Garage Door Opener. Garage Door Accessories Are Also Called Garage Door Hardware Accessories, Mainly Including Balance System (steel Wire Rope + Rope Pulley + Water Pipe + Water Pipe Support + Garage Door Torsion Spring), Garage Door Hinge (also Known As Hinge), Guide Support (track Pulley, Etc.). Let's Take a Look at the Detailed Introduction, Functions and Characteristics of Garage Door Accessories.

1? Balance System

Balance System: Use the Elastic Force of the Spring to Balance the Gravity of the Garage Door Hinge, So As to Reduce the Resistance of the Garage Door Hinge and Operation, and Improve the Reliability and Integrity of the System During Operation. the Torsion Spring is the Most Important Part of the Balance System. the Torsion Spring on the Door is Like a Human Heart, Second Only to the Garage Door Motor. a Good Set of Torsion Springs is Very Important for the Whole Garage Door.
Ideal for Well Balanced Garage Doors. After Disconnecting the Clutch of the Garage Door Opener, Hold the Garage Door Body by Hand. After Gently Applying Force, the Garage Door Body Can Move with the Force Direction. at Any Position in the Whole Operation Process of the Garage Door Body, Release the Hand, and the Rear Garage Door Body Can Keep Moving Up and Down. the Main Factors Affecting the Balance Effect Are: One is the Quality of the Spring, and the Other is Whether the Selection of Spring Parameters is Reasonable. Third, the Structural Form and Manufacturing Accuracy of Garage Door Relevant Hardware.
The Main Factors Affecting the Quality of Balance Spring. Carbon Spring Steel, Low Manganese Spring Steel, Silicon Spring Steel and Chrome Alum Steel Are Widely Used As Spring Materials. It is Difficult to Judge These Materials from the Appearance Alone. in Order to Ensure the Reliable Operation of the Spring, the Material Shall Not Only Meet the High Strength Limit and Yield Limit, but Also Have High Spring Limit, Fatigue Limit, Impact Toughness, Plasticity and Good Heat Treatment Process.

2. Garage Door Hinge

Garage Door Hinge : According to the Different Installation Positions of CHI HARDWARE Garage Door, It Can Be Divided into Middle Hinge and End Hinge (side Hinge). the Garage Door Middle Hinge Not Only Connects Two Adjacent Garage Door Panels and Enables Them to Rotate Relatively, but Also Has the Function of Supporting the Rollers on the Track. According to the Different Garage Door Panel Structure, the Through Hinge is Often Divided into Two Types: Ordinary Hinge and Anti Pinch Hinge. Ordinary Hinges Are Divided into 1-12 Models. the Main Effects of Quality on the Operation of the Garage Door Are: Operation Noise, Operation Resistance, Service Life and Appearance.
Method for Judging the Grade of Ordinary Hinge and Anti Pinch Hand Hinge. Garage Door Hinges Are Like Human Joints. They Should Have a Certain Degree of Tightness and Sensitivity. if the Garage Door Hinge Gap is Large, It Will Be Loose, and if It is Small, It Will Be Hairpin, Etc. It Can Be Judged from the Plate Thickness, Whether the Galvanized Layer is Uniform, Whether the Anti-corrosion Treatment is Standardized, Whether There Are Obvious Defects in the Appearance, the Flexibility of the Garage Door Hinge, the Size of the Garage Door Hinge Connection Gap and Whether the Card is Issued. for Example, the Galvanized Sheet Shall Not Have Holes. Cracks and Scum. the Coating is Too Thick. Scratch. Chromic Acid Dirt. White Rust and Other Defects.

3. Garage Door Guide Support Bracket

Garage Door Guide Support Bracket: Refers to the Combination of Structural Parts Composed of Guide Rail, Roller and Various Bracket Supporting the Guide Rail, Guiding the Running Track of Garage Door Leaf and Supporting the Weight of Garage Door Hinge . the Key is the Garage Door Track. the Garage Door Track Thickness is 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 1.8mm, 2.5mm, Etc. There is Even 1.2mm. Although the Price of Chi Hardware Garage Door Has Been Reduced, There Are Hidden Dangers and the Service Life of the Garage Door Will Be Greatly Reduced. It is Recommended Not to Use It.

Quality Problems of Garage Door Bracket. Guide Rail: First, the Shape is Irregular, Especially in the Garage Door Curved Rail Part, Which is Prone to Uneven Material Distribution or Shape Variation, Resulting in Running Card Issuing or Roller Derailment. Second, the Anti-corrosion Treatment of Materials is Not Standardized and Easy to Rust. Garage Door Roller: Deformed, Blocked and Not Smooth; Nylon Roller May Also Crack.

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